Are you a missing person? (SEE LIST BELOW)

We are hoping to locate ALL of our classmates as soon as possible so we can invite them all to other upcoming events for our class.  If you or someone you know well is a member of our class, please select one of the two forms below to provide us with the contact information we need.  The short form gives us just the bare essentials.  The long form gives us a little more.  Either of which can be designated to appear only in the care of the planning committee or on the website where others could contact you.  Use your own discretion.  We will honor your request.  A comment field is provided on both forms if you would like to provide specific instructions about which information you'd like to share.  Even if we already have some info, please complete this survey at least once.  Thanks!!!

To really fill us in:

Just the basics:

WANTED: Our reunion committee is searching for the whereabouts of the following class members (missing persons). If you have sufficient accurate information on any of these people, please use the Long Form . If you just have a bit of info that you could share, please e-mail us and tell us whatever you know.

Vadais June Adams
Rickey Allen
Betty Austin
Mike Chandler
Jerry Coker
Wanda Cook
Kristie Cowling
Richard Duncan
Jim Elliott
William Farmer
Bert Fiser
Michael Forman
John Harper
Frank Ivory
Anthony James
Freddie Jensen
Bobby Lambert
Eugene Lambert
Marilyn Lipton
Judy McCann
Samuel McClain
Lynn McFadden
JoAnn Matheny
Nathan May
Beverly Montgomery
Elbert Morgan
Veda Morrison
Royce Patterson
Deborah Perkins
Jonella Pettigrew
Melvin Pettypool
Donald Sanders
Lynn Smith
Martha Smith
Winston Smith
Brenda Swopes
Billy Taylor
Grace Thorn
Nina Waldrens
Beverly Williams
Tommy Williams
Vernita Williams
Bill Wiloughby
Beatrice( Withers) Plant
Larsanders Withers
Lee Yeldell
Diane Young